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The Companions in Christ series for adults begins with the foundational resource that may be purchased and studied in 28-weeks or as five separate participant books. There is only one Leader's Guide that includes all the studies in one book. This resource guides participants through the Companions in Christ small group experience.  The foundational 28-week resource includes a Leader’s Guide and a Participant’s Book. The Participant’s Book comes in two formats—a single volume or five individual volumes (links below). Participants are encouraged to keep a journal or use a notebook for additional thoughts. Additional resources in “The Way of …” series builds on the foundational resource. The foundational Companions experience takes groups through a journey of five parts, lasting 5-6 weeks each. Participants follow the same pattern each week—a weekly reading and five daily exercises followed by a two-hour group meeting. During the meeting, participants share their insights from the past week’s daily exercises, and then engage in a deeper exploration together.     LINK TO THE WAY SERIES  

The Companions in Christ 28-week Journey

Preparatory Meeting

1 week

This meeting is for welcoming, introducing small group members, to explain the weekly assignments and how each small group meeting will flow.

Embracing the Journey:
The Way of Christ

Spiritual formation (5 weeks)

An exploration of spiritual formation as a journey toward wholeness and holiness, individually and in community, through the grace of God.

Feeding on the Word:
The Mind of Christ

Scripture (5 weeks)

An introduction to several ways of meditating and praying with scripture.

Deepening Our Prayer:
The Heart of Christ

Prayer (6 weeks)

A guided experience of various classic forms and styles of prayer.

Responding to Our Call:
The Work of Christ

Vocation (5 weeks)

A presentation of gifts and call, giving ourselves to God in willing obedience, and receiving the fruits and gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Exploring Spiritual Guidance:
The Spirit of Christ

Spiritual companionship (5 weeks)

An overview of different ways of giving and receiving spiritual guidance from one-on-one relationships with a spiritual guide, to spiritual growth groups, to guidance in their faith community or congregational life.

Closing Retreat:
Developing a Rule of Life

Final week

Time to reflect on where the small group members have come by God's grace in these weeks together and where they perceive the call to continued spiritual practice is leading in their own lives and in their faith community.

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